Phase 3 – Developing online marketing success plans is not be big bang, but phased over time, providing time for progress checking and plan adjustments.

This phased approach also give the search engines time to adjust to the developing online presence, removing the risk of being penalised for aggressive practices.

In summary, this phase covers:

  • –  Implementation of the plans
  • –  Progress checking / testing
  • –  Results analysis
  • –  Monthly Reports
  • –  Plan adjustments
  • –  New plan implementations

Implementation of the plans

online marketing success developingSome plans will have a fixed end, other plans will be quickly implemented and go straight to Phase 4 / Progress.

Many of the plans to implement will be structural. That is, putting in place a regular activity that will grow in importance over time. In some respects the end result is an endless activity, but the implementation of the plan will be to establish the activity and ensure it can maintain its effectiveness.

Progress checking / testing

For the quick to implement plans, we can fall back on progress checking straight away then adjust implementation as get results. For the longer term plans, maintaining focus is key as weak or half-hearted efforts usually fail.

Results Analysis

Because we will phasing in each planned element over time we will be able to look at results fairly early on. Some of the plans amy well be experiments that will wish to test on and formulate new plans from the results. We will be examining results constantly, but would expect a regular review with the client of at least once a month.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports will cover the results analysis as above, but also a monthly comparative ranking exercises on chosen key terms, underlying traffic trends on the analytics, examination of return ratios on traffic v enquiries v sales etc.

This can be as detailed as the client wishes, but the bottom line of this process will always sales figures of the client and the final profitability of business taken on board. Return on this investment will therefore always be an element of the reporting routine.

Plan Adjustments and New Plan Implementations

Following analysis of results and the monthly review the plans an processes can be examined and adjusted accordingly if required.

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