How to optimize your web site is a more and more common question these days. Why bother with a web site if no one can find it?

optimize your web site analyticsThe question that should be asked in response to this (and often isn’t) is ‘optimize your web site for what?’.

From a standing start, the chances of being successful by optimizing your website for a single keyword, or key term are slim.

The issue of having your company name found on a search should not be too challenging in most cases. This is especially true if your company name is sufficiently unique and the business location is added into the search term. What is more problematic is optimizing your web site for what your business does.

It must be possible to define what your business does in more that a single keyword or key term. The primary keyword that you would ideally like the web site to be found on must of course be there. However, additional key terms must be considered and included into the site overall if it is to be successful.

In practice, the factors involved in doing this are deceptively simple, but can be difficult to implement in practice.

What gets in the way are:

  1. The focus of the web site owner (objectives and constancy of purpose)
  2. The commitment of the web site owner – to the work
  3. Competition – perpetually muddying the waters and sometimes implementing questionable practices
  4. The search engines – constantly adjusting the rules (often because of 3)

To optimize your web site you therefore need to:

  1. Have clear objectives for both the business and the website
  2. Commit resources to the task (time, money and manpower)
  3. Work around the competition as well as meet it head on
  4. Listen to the search engines advice and use the frameworks they set out

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