Phase 2  – Planning Online Marketing Success, establishes the plans going forward to achieve the online marketing success and defines who will contribute what. The client company must be in a position to make a positive contribution with respect to:

  • –  Site(s) development plan
    • – Structure
    • – Content
  • – Blog Plan
  • – Social Plan
  • – Offsite plan
    • – Directories
    • – Articles
    • – In bound partners
  • – Paid advertising (PPC)
  • – Who will do what and when

The Site(s) Development Plan

Online Marketing Success PlanningThe are obviously certain fundamental principles that dictate how most businesses operate, but the more niche the business is the more difficult it is to generalise.

It is impossible to conjure any kind of success in an online campaign from generalities. If the business being promoted has unique selling points then it is likely we will need to focus them if we are to succeed. The technical detail of how those unique selling points are constructed and how they should be presented to the public and prospective new customers are best understood by the personnel of the business being promoted. It is vital therefore that plans include a contribution from the client business to ensure activities are both appropriate and effective.

Blog Plan

A blog may, or may not be, appropriate. It probably will be, but should there be more than one and what should it contain, and when will the articles be created and by whom.

Social Plan

The social presence of the business, its employees and the interrelation between the two needs to be clear an understood by all. The informal connotation of the word social does not always sit well with a professional presence and it is important to clarify and control this relationship.

Equally, the social media initiative needs to be appropriate to how the business sells and who it sells to. In selling to the consumer a Facebook presence will make good sense, but this can be less clear in a business to business selling environment.

Offsite Plan

It is not the case these days that all inbound links are good and the more links you have coming into the site better. So inbound links can damage the ranking of a web site even if they may bring traffic.

It is a balance therefore that needs be considered and allowed for.

Paid Advertising and Pay per Click

One thing not often fully understood is the relationship between the quality of the web presence and the likelihood of a Pay Per Click (PPC) or advertising campaign succeeding.

The better the site does in natural terms often dictates how it will also do in paid terms. This is as true in terms of the frequency and applicability of the advert as it is true of how the visitor is handled when you finally get him/her on your site.

We make sure that not only is PPC the right approach and undertaken effectively, but that is used at the right time to get the best return for the investment.

Who will do what and when

In conjunction with the development plan, individual responsibilities need to be identified. You would expect this in any plan and this is no different in that respect. Outputs are usually very dependent on inputs so it is important that realistic time allocations are established to ensure the required outputs of increased online driven enquiries and sales are achieved.

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