Phase 4 – Progressing Online Marketing Success progressively develops the presence toward the achievement of the original objectives and beyond.

In this phase we can look back on, not just steady traffic growth to the client’s online presence, but also an associated growth in enquiries. The ratio of enquiries to visitors will also have grown and we will have a reasonably clear view on how to develop this return further.

The Progressing phase is characterised by:

  • – Traffic Growth
  • – Inbound enquiry growth
  • – Sales Growth
  • – Ongoing progress checking
  • – Ongoing status checking
  • – Minor development planning
  • – Minor development implementation
  • – Content development & posting
    • – Onsite(s)
    • – Off site (s)
    • – Blogs- News Letters
  • – Monthly Reviews & Reports



At this stage the value of the investment is clear. The return on the investment can be seen as a direct association between the effort put into the online presence and the resultant increase in enquiries and sales.

The ongoing activities associated with a Progressing online presence look very much like those outlined in the development except now they developed to a point where they are routine, but also routinely experimented upon and changed to reflect new information about customer and the overall commercial environment.

Unless the online marketing continues to progress it will lose focus and slip backwards and so this phase is a continuous cycle of review, planning, development and improvement.

Traffic Growth

Although the purpose of the Traffic Manager programme is increased business and profitability, increased traffic to the client’s web site is an inevitable prerequisite or consequence of the work.

The Traffic Manager reporting shows not just absolute traffic, but underlying trends that smooth out the spikes. This makes overall success in this area much easier to both see and understand.

Inbound Enquiry Growth

Inbound enquiries are assessed in absolute terms and as a percentage. Of course our clients expect enquiries grow, but we also work to achieve an increase in the enquiries as a percentage of overall web site traffic achieved. This is demonstrated using simple measures so that the current position and the underlying improvement can be clearly seen and understood.

Sales Growth

Assessing the sales growth is where the partnership aspect of the relationship with our clients becomes important. A sale made over the telephone based on an initial web site enquiry cannot be easily monitored. Cooperation and feedback from the client is therefore required on overall sales performance so that the whole picture can be understood and reported upon.

Ongoing Progress Checking

Ongoing progress checking is essential to maintain purpose and understanding of where the business is succeeding. Maintaining the status quo is never an option online as the risk of being overtaken is too great. Unless the overall purpose of the business is being consistently pressed, slipping backwards will become inevitable.

Ongoing Status Checking

Ongoing status checking is vital to know where the business in relation to current objectives and competition. Without this information, you are working in the dark.

Minor Development Planning & Implementation

Minor development planning is necessary at this stage to continue with the progressive development of the success of the online presence. Although minor, improvements at this stage are based upon a history of development knowledge and so can be more directly focused and efficiently applied

Content Development

Content is king and almost all work will have content development at its core. Even if the work is off site, the likelihood is that new or re-worked content will be required to drive it forward.

Both onsite and off site work will contribute to ongoing development and promotional work. Even a minor component such as a twitter posting can make an important contribution off site. Blogs and articles are important contributions to the development of the content on the site and keep the site up to date an visibly active.

Monthly Reviews & Reports

To maintain constancy of purpose and focus a monthly reporting and reviewing routine keeps the client fully appraised of current status, recent progress and future developments.

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