Search engine optimisation or SEO, really means the optimisation of web sites for search engine indexing. It is often used these days as a short hand for boosting website traffic, but there is more to the story than that.

Before asking someone to conduct some ‘SEO’ for you, it is worth considering what this term really means.

Our Traffic Manager clients always have a full briefing before we start, here is a brief summary.

The ability of a search engine to effectively provide relevant results on any given search term depends on two basic things:

  1. – the overall technical ability of the search engine in questionsearch engine optimisation choices
  2. – the information given to the search engine by the website

As we can do nothing about 1, we have to focus on 2 and provide the search engines with the best information possible on our chosen web site to allow them to index it well.

Giving The Search Engines the Right Information

Indexing well means being being ranked highly on a given search term so that the link for the web site we are working on appears at least on the first page of a set of search results and ideally is the first item on that list.

Getting to grips with what the search engines want is one thing, doing it better than the competition is another thing. That is the bad news, the good news is that each business usually has it own unique selling points even if it as basic as the location in which it trades. This allows us to select a range of keywords, or key terms on which to promote the web site.

This means we can initially win on some competitions even if we lose on others and we can use this as a platform to build the reputation of the web site and grow the right type of web site traffic.

Choosing the right keywords or key terms is crucial of course and that is why the Traffic Manager programme begins with an exercise that looks at the business overall and its aims and objectives. This allows us to establish the right initial specification for a web site programme that is directly in line with those business objectives to ensure a good return on the investment.

An initial consultation will cost nothing, so why not get in touch to arrange an informal chat over the phone about how your business performance could be improved by the Traffic Manager Programme.