The Traffic Manager Programme develops the online presence of our clients and allows them to attract new business through in-bound marketing.
The ultimate aim is developing online marketing success for our clients which is measured by both increased sales and increased profitability.

online marketing success stepsIt is not just about increasing visitors to the site by the way – there are other operations you can go to for that. This is about maximising the right sort of traffic on your site and obtaining highly qualified visitors. We want them to pick up the phone as much as fill in a form.

We also help our clients build relationships with prospective customers as well as existing customers. We manage the traffic by encouraging interested visitors to return to our clients’ sites for new information about service and product offerings. This maintains the long term relationship with existing customers, encouraging repeat business. It also develops trust and understanding making it much easier for prospective customers to buy when the right time arrives.

The Traffic Manager Programme  is about managing effort and increasing the return on the effort invested. For example, if you have a hundred visitors to your site per day and 5 make enquiries, but you would like 10 enquiries, the answer may not be to get 200 visitors, but to improve the appeal of the site and the management of the traffic that does arrive. It may be easier to do this than doubling the visitor numbers, therefore ensuring the cost of acquiring a new customer is kept low, or even reduced.

The right solution is different for each client, which is why we have a structured process to focus and develop a full understanding of the best approach for all concerned in a new programme of work. This includes the client who may need to re-align some sales processes to accommodate a new way of working online and gear up to handle the additional workload.

Let’s be clear about this, the Traffic Manager Programme is not for everyone. It is not just a financial commitment that is required, but an operational focus that reflects a clear intent to improve the marketing and sales processes as part of an initiative to significantly grow the business. If you just want your business to stay the same, or not slip back, then this is not for you.

If you would like to grow your business, want to know more about what could be achieved and how the TTMG Internet Traffic Manager programme could help, then the initial consultation is free, so why not get in touch now?